Balance Your Life

Are You Ready
To Move
From Stress
To Bliss?

Are You Ready To Move
From Stress To Bliss?

2024 journals are now ready!

I’ve been busy writing a book and creating journals
that will help you to set, track and achieve your goals.

If you’d like to end self-sabotage & procrastination without hiring a life coach,
then these books are the perfect resource for you.


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Hello, I'm Dawn

and I'm really pleased you found me!

I help people like you, who are stressed and unhealthy, to live a more balanced, relaxed, peaceful and happy life!

If you’re fed up with living in a state of stress, not sleeping well, having no time for yourself, or not achieving your goals, then you’ve come to the right place.

I provide personalised healthcare that will help YOU to live your best life.

These tailor-made sessions, workshops, courses and retreats take place in person or online.

Hello, I’m Dawn

What is Personalised Healthcare?​

Are you ready to make lasting change and create your ideal life?

Whichever route you take with me, it’s an opportunity for you to be supported as you work towards achieving your goals and live the life you dream of.

Here are just a few comments from my happy clients… 

“It’s great that the benefits of the retreat didn’t stop when I left. I’ve taken a lot of it with me and am enjoying incorporating stuff into my life. I look forward to it; it’s absolutely not a chore like some mindfulness and meditation practises have been for me in the past.”
~ Victoria, London, UK

“Getting out of the mundaneness of life is needed, and to do such you need to experience in a relaxed way.
Dawn provided me that, along with small bits of information that I use on my own weekly meditation. Contacting her was also easy.
Dawn is a expert in her field and very knowledgeable. She is a real mentor through her services and out. She is a very positive person who made a great impact on me.
Thanks again Dawn!”
~ Noe Garcia, USA

“For anybody who cares for self well-being and wants to enjoy life at its best, this retreat is a MUST! Dawn is an experienced therapist and very insightful. She has a warmhearted and benevolent personality is always willing to help and give pertinent advice.
The comprehensive session I experience with her before my wedding was heavenly!”
~ Lara, Portugal

“From my first introduction and subsequent sessions with Dawn, it is her calm, open approach that endeared me to her.
Dawn’s way of breaking down large desires into bite sized wishes became attainable and are still being achieved.
If you want to live life from a different perspective, time with Dawn is a must!”
~ Angela, Caversham, UK

Dawn’s direct, simple, clear style of communication and ability to break down complex concepts into easy steps makes her an incredible asset as a coach and wellness guide. At the same time, she’s funny, light-hearted, and intelligent. I would trust her to help me on my health and wellness journey.

~ Amber Jade (Germany/USA)

Last December I attended the first degree reiki course together with my husband. After contacting Dawn, I asked if she was flexible with dates, and luckily she was. 🙂 The communication was very easy and clear to me.  We really enjoyed the days and the course was joyful.”
~ Kiki Bruens, Norway