Balance Your Life

2024 Astrology + Solar Flares

If you’ve been feeling different to your usual self (tired, depressed, agitated, unable to sleep etc) then you might be interested to check out some of the following resources.

Pam Gregory (astrologer) gives regular updates on the energy that each New and Full Moon brings.

You can watch a video she made in December 2023 with regards to the Solar Flares that it’s expected we will experience throughout 2024.

Here’s a link to her overview of the astrology for 2024.

And her video covering the revolutionary energy of the current Pluto Return of the USA.

To quote Pam “Astrology is the language of mathematical probability. It’s not a language of certainty. It gives times of greater probability of particular qualities of energy manifesting. That’s how it works. It isn’t absolutely specific in terms of THAT’S going to happen on THAT date in THAT geography, exactly. That’s much harder to say. You’re dealing with probability.”