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Dawn, thank you so much for a delightful, much needed yoga retreat. I’ve slept beautifully since, feel refreshed, energised, relaxed and calm and have found inner peace. You are knowledgeable, full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. I look…read more
Julie Targett – 13 May 2020
The One day workshop is a delightful day of body wellbeing spent with some lovely like minded people. I totally recommend these workshops. Dawn is a great teacher of self awareness, stress relief and techniques on how to improve your every day life.
Cathy Barton – 13 May 2019
A private one-to-one Life Transformation retreat. Yoga tuition. Guided meditation. Healthy food. Daily beach walks. Life planning. Day trips to Seville and Cadiz. Easter processions. We shopped at the Wednesday Gypsy market and at El Bucarito goat…read more
Paris Richardson – 8 Apr 2019
Cosmic Ordering, Life Coaching & NLP

When I first met Dawn and discovered Cosmic Ordering I wanted nothing more than to win a fortune and live comfortably ever after. Life ain’t like that!!
On the 1st January this year, my husband and I were both made redundant, his mother passed away three days later and we really didn’t know where our lives were going.
Instead of trying to orchestrate our lives, we stepped back and left it to the cosmos. Instinctively I knew something would come up for us and we’d be okay ~ I wasn’t wrong!
We started landscaping/maintaining gardens and landed up in Brittany restoring the garden of a friend. When we were doing the garden of the house we were staying at, I happened to mention, “when we do this one, wouldn’t it be nice if someone saw us and invited us to do theirs?”. Little did I know that we were going to house sit a residence so grand…Next thing we know, we’re going to be living in France for six months Château sitting!
We don’t have any income, but we’re rich in the fact that we have each other and more important we have our health. We keep hearing of people around us who have cancer and other life threatening diseases, we are truly grateful for the way our life is………. And long may it continue!!
Thank You universe for providing what we really needed ~ A slower pace of life; Time to actually do the things we’ve always said we’d sit down and do when we eventually retire and for the experience of a lifetime.
All I can say is: put your Cosmic order out there, trust and see what comes for you. It might not be what you thought you wanted, but hey, it could add another dimension to your life.
Angela, Reading

Pregnancy Massage & NLP
Whilst pregnant, my weekly massage sessions with Dawn were something I looked forward to enormously. It is thanks to her I retained my sanity during the last trimester when the usual aches and discomfort of pregnancy prevailed! With her no-nonsense approach, Dawn has the ability to sort out a cluttered mind, sometimes a few minutes of life-coaching before the massage meant I could truly relax. Other times we talked for the whole session if I needed it – she really was my ray of sunshine!
Susannah, Maidenhead

Life Coaching, Personalised NLP CDs, Meditation, NLP
As an IT Manager and Solicitor my husband and I both suffer stressful work environments. Dawn has helped us focus on our goals and helped put things into perspective with her life coaching expertise and specialized mediation CD’s (I love the ‘Successful day’ one!) It has completely changed our outlook on life and stress. We also did meditation, along with a couple of friends, which has taught us valuable techniques on how to switch off and leave restless nights in the past. We have now learned to balance our lives better and show more control instead of being reactive to pressures around us. Other friends and colleagues have also had life coaching from Dawn and I can see remarkable changes in their behavior. If that wasn’t enough, Dawn also taught my husband Reflexology, as my Birthday gift, to help with my headaches and lower back problems – Thank you Dawn!
Rachael, South Stoke

Massage, NLP and Reflexology
I always feel wonderfully relaxed after a treatment from Dawn,
particularly the back, neck, shoulder and head massage. She provides such a warm and relaxing environment, really takes her time and offers great value for money. Dawn even identified a serious neck problem that I had some months ago, and after separate chiropractic treatment, she was brilliant in helping me physically to get through the neck injury and in advising me on ways of protecting my neck from further injury.
She also helped me emotionally during difficult times by talking me through some NLP techniques, and has become someone that I can fully trust and confide in.
Lucy, Twyford

Cosmic Ordering
From my first introduction and subsequent sessions with Dawn, it is her calm, open approach that endeared me to her. Dawn’s way of breaking down large desires into bite sized wishes became attainable and are still being achieved.
If you want to live life from a different perspective, time with Dawn is a must!
Angela, Caversham

An introduction to Reiki Natural Healing
Your first workshop which I attended was really inspirational, and I truly thank you for being the instigator of the wonderful journey that you started me on.
Val, Henley-on-Thames

I’ve always been a great fan of reflexology, ever since some 15 years ago it was successfully diagnosed than an anomaly in my foot turned out to be a lump in my right breast. It was duly dealt with and I now routinely use reflexology on a weekly basis. Despite the scepticism I find from my GP I continue to follow my faith in experienced reflexologists.
I’ve found the treatments from Dawn hugely beneficial, reassuring and relaxing.
I would recommend her to anyone.
Liz, Henley-on-Thames

Cosmic Ordering
At the beginning of 2007 I was very low, my husband and I having spent the last 4 years trying to conceive and losing a much longed for pregnancy in 2005. I had visited Julie Lambert’s spiritual healing clinic a few times and she encouraged me to come along to the ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’ workshops that she was running at the YMCA in Henley.

I came along to your ‘Cosmic Ordering’ workshop and during the guided meditation I imagined myself at home on Christmas Eve with a baby in my arms. I imagined every detail, from hearing Christmas Carols on the radio to watching the robins on the bird table outside the kitchen window. After the workshop I made sure to try and remember the scene every day. I’m sure by now you know exactly what I’m going to say!

In late April we found out that I was pregnant and that our baby is due towards the end of December. I’ve had a trouble free pregnancy and my husband and I are delighted at the thought of finally becoming parents. I found your workshop very powerful and truly believe that it helped me to clarify what I wanted. I would have written to you earlier but I wanted to make sure that all was well with the pregnancy before I contacted you.

Thank you for running the workshop at the YMCA all those months ago – it was definitely the best £5 I have ever spent!

With very best wishes

For the last six weeks I have looked forward to and enjoyed weekly reflexology treatments with Dawn. I found her reflexology to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable and often fell asleep during the treatments. I feel the reflexology has been very beneficial and I am now sleeping more deeply, am less anxious and have more energy. Dawn is a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate therapist and always makes me feel at ease and welcome during her treatments