Balance Your Life

Case Study – Cosmic ordering service

Angela’s Story

When I first met Dawn and discovered her Cosmic Ordering service, I wanted nothing more than to win a fortune and live comfortably ever after. Life ain’t like that!!

On the 1st January this year, my husband and I were both made redundant, his mother passed away three days later and we really didn’t know where our lives were going.

Instead of trying to orchestrate our lives, we stepped back and left it to the cosmos.
Instinctively I knew something would come up for us and we’d be okay – I wasn’t wrong!

We started landscaping/maintaining gardens and landed up in Brittany restoring the garden of a friend. When we were doing the garden of the house we were staying at, I happened to mention, “when we do this one, wouldn’t it be nice if someone saw us and invited us to do theirs?.”

Little did I know that we were going to house sit a residence so grand…
Next thing we know, we’re going to be living in France for six months Château sitting!

We don’t have any income, but we’re rich in the fact that we have each other and more important we have our health. We keep hearing of people around us who have cancer and other life-threatening diseases, we are truly grateful for the way our life is… And long may it continue!

Thank you Universe for providing what we really needed ~ A slower pace of life; Time to actually do the things we’ve always said we’d sit down and do when we eventually retire, and for the experience of a lifetime.

All I can say is: put your Cosmic order out there, trust and see what comes for you. It might not be what you thought you wanted, but hey, it could add another dimension to your life.

Follow up written by Dawn Bradley:

Angela attended an 8 week ‘Cosmic Ordering’ course at Reading Adult Community College.

I created the course content myself, and it included my own take on using affirmations and the law of attraction that I used at that time.
Each 2 hour lesson included the students thinking about what they would like to bring into, or remove from their life.
Time would be taken to write the Cosmic Orders in the taught format, before I guided the students through 2 visualisations to help them connect fully with their goals.

That course has now evolved into the Balance Your Life Formula,

In the years since creating Cosmic Ordering and Cosmic Releasing, I’ve continued to learn about connecting to the ‘energy source of all life’ which is known by many names: for example, The Universe and God.

I’ve put this information into practice and developed daily and nightly rituals.

I demonstrate these techniques and help you to put them into practice in your day-to-day life. Most recently I incorporate ‘how to be present’, as taught by Eckhart Tolle.

The Balance Your Life Formula is available as workshops, retreats in Spain, and also on a one-to-one basis via video/phone at a time to suit you.

The workshops are 5 hours of relaxation without any of the usual distractions: phone, computer, family responsibilities.

They are also an opportunity to learn life-changing, practical skills. The practical tools vary depending on which workshop you attend.

  • A short yoga sequence to release tension from the body and mind, that can be repeated daily
  • A yoga video download in order to practice daily
  • Short reflexology sequences to help induce a state of relaxation, improve sleep, balance hormones and calm the digestive system
  • Tactics for decluttering and relaxing the mind
  • Techniques to organise your life and improve time management
  • Strategies for reducing stress and bring a sense of peace
  • Techniques to improve the overall quality of your life
  • A nutritious light lunch
  • The chance to connect with like-minded souls

If you’d like to make an appointment, or discuss your needs, please use this contact form.

I look forward to helping you transform your life!