Balance Your Life

Balance and Heal Your Chakras

Using this fabulous free resource from Kyle Gray.

Access the free PDF here:
Chakra Healing Affirmations by Kyle Gray

For example…

BASE CHAKRA “Muladhara” which means ‘Root Support’
Colour: Red
Element: Earth
Suggested Crystals: Stones that are black, smoky, brown or red.

Key energetic topics: safety, security, home, family. Representing your right to be here on the planet. If the base chakra was to be in nature, it would be the soil in which seeds are planted.

Physiology: Lower half of body, legs, feet, base of spine, lower discs.

Affirmations to breathe in:
I have a right to be here on Earth.
I have chosen to incarnate on this planet.
It is safe for me to be here.