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How To Ease Aching Feet

If you have aching feet or flat feet (fallen arches) you will really feel the benefit of doing a few foot exercises each day.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do them all. Try a few and pick your favourite 3. Set aside 5 minutes a day (while watching TV) and do the exercises.

Wearing ‘barefoot’ style shoes can also help to strengthen your feet, but it’s best to introduce these gradually into your day as your feet and calves will most probably ache during or after wearing them. Saguaro are the ones I wear. They have a nice wide toe-box and they’re inexpensive compared to other brands.

You’re re-training your muscles, so be kind to yourself and make it a gradual process.

Otherwise you can try wearing shoes with a built in arch support, like the Skechers ‘arch fit’ range.

  1. Take a look here at exercises for flat feet.
  2. Look here for exercises to ease foot pain.
  3. I do this foot stretch morning and night. It works wonders for plantar fasciitis. (see image below)
  4. Consider wearing compression socks. This really helps if you’re standing for long periods. You can get thicker, warm socks, like running compression socks; or flight socks which also come in a sheer nylon, either to the knee, or as a full pair of tights (pantyhose). Usually available in your local pharmacy or sports shop.
  5. Treat yourself to a reflexology treatment for the ultimate luxury! This one hour pressure point massage of the feet will squeeze away the tension from your feet and leave you feeling like you’re floating on air!