Balance Your Life

Extending the 40 Day Challenge programme

Well done for completing your 40 Day Challenge!

I’m very proud of you, and I hope you’re proud of yourself too.

You now have an opportunity to extend the challenge by 21 days.

This could be because you’d like to

  • Receive continued support with your current goal
  • Work on a new goal
  • Set new Tiny Achievable Actions to get you closer to your Ultimate Goal

As a reward for your 40 day effort, I’d like to offer you a 67% discount on the extension programme.

What’s the cost?

This 21 Day Extension Programme has a value of £100 GBP / $140 USD / €115 EUR

After your 67% discount this equates to £33 GBP/ $46 USD / €37 EUR

The next 21 Day Challenges start on
Monday 8th March 2021

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