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Female hormones (Menopause, PMT, Puberty)

I’ll continue adding to this post. Below you’ll find my favourite podcasts for female hormone health.

1. From PMS to Menopause: How to Hack Your Hormones and Use Science to Lose Weight, Sleep Better and Get Your Mojo Back

2. Does YOUR body need hormone replacement? Please listen to this FABULOUS interview with Dr. Louise Newson, a GP and menopause expert as she talks about a condition she calls ‘female hormone deficiency’, and the false information that led to millions of women not taking hormone replacement (I was one of those women), which some doctors have called the greatest crime against humanity in this century.

3. The science of strength training (stop running!!!)

4. What to eat the week before your period is due to start.
Also see a list of Progesterone stimulating foods in this post

5. The causes of belly fat, How to Fix your metabolism, and the importance of your liver in regards to body fat.
LINK to article.
LINK to podcast (Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Professor Robert Lustig.)

6. The top 7 hormones that affect weight gain/loss during menopause.
LINK to article.

See my other posts about female hormones, which would be of benefit to all women, especially those experiencing any menopause symptoms. 

  1. Balancing menopause with diet and with hormone replacement treatment
  2. Do you need more estrogen or progesterone?