Balance Your Life

How to Create a Healthy Morning Ritual

Using the Tiny Achievable Action process, I’d suggest starting with the 60 second Morning Mindset

Once you’re doing that regularly, add in the following elements one at a time, allowing each one time to become a habit.

Elements of a Healthy Morning Ritual

  1. Awaken your senses – Hydrate / Sit outside with your morning drink
  2. Awaken your mind – Plan Your Day / Journal / Gratitude List (written or spoken)
  3. Awaken your spirit – Breath Practice / Visualisation / Meditation
  4. Awaken your body – Gentle Stretching

My Morning Ritual

  1. Wake naturally – with the sunrise lamp as a back up
  2. 60 second Morning Mindset in bed (One Breath, Gratitude, Intention, Ground Feet)
  3. Drink fresh lemon juice with hot water while contemplating the day ahead
  4. Plan my day – in writing
  5. Gentle Morning Movement 5 minutes – Roll ups & Sun Salutations (video instruction)
  6. Drink green tea – mindfully
  7. Computer work / emails for up to 90 minutes
  8. Exercise

Roll ups – Jhulana Lurhakanasana

Sun Salutation Sequence. Starting top left, working line by line from left to right.