Balance Your Life


Instant calm

At this time of year (mid December) some people find themselves feeling quite overwhelmed with the busyness of Christmas preparations and celebrations.

Indulging in more alcohol than usual, and eating richer foods, and more food in general, our nervous systems are more easily overwhelmed.

Add into that the stresses many people have experienced during the ongoing pandemic, and it’s no surprise that we’re looking for EFFECTIVE calming techniques.

Here are a few that are BACKED BY SCIENCIFIC DATA which has proved they work.

Halleluiah to that!

(It makes my job a lot easier when people don’t just think this is hippy-dippy nonsense!)

Give these amazingly simple, quick and effective techniques a go. If you’d like to book a one-to-one session with me to take you through them, please do book a session with me by reaching out here

Physiological Sighs with Andrew Huberman
4-7-8 breathing with Dr Weil
The Urban Monk 5 minute breath practice
Learn Transcendental Meditation in 30 minutes with Dawn