Balance Your Life

Kirtan Kriya Practice


7 days of Kirtan Kriya practice are included in your 40 Day Challenge programme.

The next sessions will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday 16th February at 17:00 GMT    DIRECT LINK

Wednesday 17th February at 17:15 GMT   DIRECT LINK

Saturday 20th February at 16:30 GMT   DIRECT LINK

Sunday 21st February at 16:30 GMT   DIRECT LINK

Monday 22nd February at 16:30 GMT   DIRECT LINK

Tuesday 23rd February at 16:30 GMT   DIRECT LINK

The practice will be transmitted on my YouTube channel

You’ll be able to watch it again any time after that on YouTube.

Please prepare for the session by watching this brief instructional video

Before doing the meditation practice, find yourself a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. You might like to have a glass of water to hand, and remember to put your phone into flight/silent mode.

Watch a pre-recorded version of this meditation on this unlisted Youtube video

Convert GMT to your local time here