Balance Your Life

New Moon Ritual

Every 29.5 days the moon wanes to a tiny slither as it makes its way around the earth, and disappears from view for a couple of days. This is also known as The Dark of the Moon

Ever since I learned that we are connected with nature and with what we see in the sky, I’ve been excited to tap into the energy for my own growth and benefit.

Every month I follow the cycle of the moon, and as it approaches its New phase, I take time to really think about what I’d like to happen in the following lunar month.
I then take a walk in nature and voice my ‘wishes’ out loud so they can connect with the Life Force Energy and take seed.
I also nurture them every day by imagining them growing and coming to life.

New Moon = New Beginnings

If you’d like help to bring your desires to life, there are books I can recommend which explain different techniques. Please contact me for details, or browse my blog pages.

I tried various techniques, and then created my own system that gets results.
I’ve used this system myself and with clients, for the last 20 years, and you can learn it in a one-to-one session with me in person, or via an online video session.

Many clients have a monthly session when they’re starting to use the technique, as they find it helps them to master the technique, and also helps them to remember to do it!

Group online sessions will also be available soon.
Details will be published here and announced in a future newsletter.