Balance Your Life

Online Weekend Retreat

Are you in need of some ‘me time’?

Has working from home, and/or home-schooling meant that you’ve had less time for yourself than usual?

Would now be a good time to learn new skills that will benefit your physical and mental health forever, while increasing the amount of productive time you have on a daily basis?

If the answers are mostly “YES!”, then you are in the right place!

The Weekend Online Retreat

The retreat is held over 2 days to fit more easily into the majority of people’s working week.

As part of the yoga class you will learn a short sequence of movements to stretch your back. Perfect if you’ve been sitting down for long periods of the day.

From the comfort of your own home we will connect 3 times a day via live Zoom sessions.

In between these sessions you are free to use your time as you wish.

You will:

  • Learn how to practice a simple and comfortable style of meditation
  • Experience a simple yoga class, with posture correction
  • Be able to ask questions before and after the 20 minute meditation practice
  • Be able to ask questions via email

You will need
A yoga mat (ideal, but not essential)
A quiet place to meditate undisturbed
Comfortable clothing
A comfortable place to sit, with your back and head fully supported (sofa or chair with pillow behind head)
A blanket (optional)
A notepad and pencil (to journal – optional)
Access to the internet and Zoom
(This is simply a matter of clicking on a link that you will receive in an email)

55 minutes of online yoga tuition, once a day, for 2 days
45 minutes of live meditation instruction, once or twice a day, for 2 days
Investment of £40 for one person, or £60 for 2 or more people in the same household
Individuals reserve your place via my 10to8 booking system
Family 10to8 booking system link

More detailed information about the yoga can be found on this page

More detailed information about the meditation can be found on this page

The day before the retreat starts you will receive a link to download a video of the yoga class so you can continue your daily practice at home, at no additional cost.

Unlimited opportunity to repeat the same online retreat at a 50% discount
(each retreat needs at least 2 full-paying participants for it to go ahead)

Opportunity to go deeper with a one-to-one coaching session.


Class timetable*

Class 1
Class 2
Florida, Toronto, Boston, New York5am8am11pm
UK, Portugal, Canary Islands10am1pm4pm
Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway11am2pm5pm
Finland, Greece, Moscow12pm3pm6pm
Perth, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore5pm8pm11pm

*Important option

If the timing of the streamed yoga class isn’t convenient for you to participate, you can request the video link instantly instead of joining the 2 live yoga classes.
You will then get the opportunity to email your questions.

Sample Schedule (based on UK retreat class times)

On waking start your day with lemon water and/or herbal tea

10am Yoga Class
11am Journal
11:30 Prepare and eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast or green smoothie

1pm Meditation Practice
1:45 Journal
2pm Gentle Walk (in nature if permitted), Read a book, Relax

5pm Meditation Practice
5:45 Journal
6pm Prepare and eat a healthy and nutritious meal

9:30 Prepare for bed, so you are in bed around 10pm

During any retreat it’s recommended that you restrict communication with others, especially via phone, social media etc. Also to refrain from watching TV.

Taking this time to reflect and journal in silence will enable you to connect with the answers within you.


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