Balance Your Life

Online Yoga Course

Are you experiencing back or neck pain from sitting at a laptop while working from home?

If you are, you’d benefit from doing 5 minutes of stretches at the end of the working day. You can learn these tried and tested exercises during this online yoga course.

Do you lack the time to exercise?

This short sequence takes only 5 minutes a day, but chances are you will love doing them so much, that you’ll treat yourself by doing them throughout the day while taking a well-earned break form your makeshift desk.

Have you wanted to do more than just work, commute, eat and sleep during your working week?

Would now be a good time to learn a new skill that will benefit your physical and mental health forever, while increasing the amount of productive time you have on a daily basis?

If the answers are mostly “YES!”, then you are in the right place!

The Yoga Instruction

These online Zoom yoga classes will be a combination of live interaction, and pre-recorded videos. Showing you the sequence via video enables me to watch you while you practice the asanas, and correct your posture where necessary.

The classes comprise of 5 components:

  • Chanting
  • Back Stretches
  • Sun Salutations
  • Questions and Feedback
  • Savasana Relaxation

At the end of the session you will be able to stay in savasana as long as you wish, as the lesson will end when the guided savasana ends.

At the start of the each session there will be the opportunity for me to answer questions, which you will need to email me any time before the start of the session.

You will need
A yoga mat (ideal, but not essential)
Comfortable clothing
A blanket or extra clothing for the relaxation section (optional)
Access to the internet and Zoom
(This is simply a matter of clicking on a link that you will receive in an email)

55 minutes of online yoga tuition once a day, for 3 consecutive days
Investment of £24
Reserve your place via my 10to8 booking system

The day before the retreat starts you will receive a link to download a video of the yoga class so you can continue your daily practice at home, at no additional cost.

Unlimited opportunity to retake the same online course at a 50% discount (each course needs at least 2 full-paying participants for it to go ahead)

Opportunity to go deeper with a one-to-one coaching session.

Class timetable*

UK, Portugal10am
Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway11am
Finland, Greece, Moscow12pm
Perth, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore5pm
Sydney, Melbourne7pm
New Zealand9pm
Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas2am
Florida, Toronto, Boston, New York5am

*Important option

If the timing of the streamed class isn’t convenient for you to participate, you can request the video link instantly instead of joining the daily classes.
You will then get the opportunity to email me with any questions.


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  • Have you been reflecting on how your life was prior to the pandemic?
  • Are you happy for your life to continue as it was, or are you ready for change?
  • Are you still thinking about how exactly you could do that, or do you have a solid plan?
  • Maybe you live alone, and would like to connect with others?
  • Or perhaps you’re simply looking for some structure to your days at home.

With 22 years of experience, I have skills to teach you, that will enable you to take control of your destiny, and bring about the changes you desire.

We are all standing at the Covid-19 Crossroads

Are you happy to step straight back into your life as it was, or would you prefer to take a new path?

You have been blessed with this opportunity to make positive changes to your life.

Which appeals to you the most?

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