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Sometimes I get a craving for a ‘stodgy’ and filling food that I can sink my teeth into, and these really hit the spot.

These are tried, tested and loved recipes that are gluten free, lactose free, low carb and low sugar!
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After you’ve tucked in, do let me know if you like them.


I’ve made this many times with sheep’s cheese which is lactose free yet tastes the same as cow cheese.
I can be eating it less than an hour after I start making it from scratch, and it freezes perfectly too.
Put some music on and enjoying creating this delicious and nutritious pizza!

Pizza for one:

50g almond flour
30g coconut flour
1 medium egg
I teaspoon melted coconut oil
a good sprinkle of salt
Freshly chopped basil leaves (optional)

Mix together in a bowl, and work the dough until it comes together in a ball.
Add a sprinkle of flour if the dough is too wet – this sometimes happens depending on the size of the egg.

Roll out directly onto the cooking surface and bake for 10 minutes.
Take a look and see if it’s cooked on the base. If it is, you can easily lift it and turn it over before adding your toppings.
Then cook for another 10 minutes or so.

I use a Geekhom non-stick baking mat, which washes up very easily, and is 100% non-stick.

I also use an electric pizza pan, which gets great results!

Being a sardine addict, I’ve found that chopped sardines make a tasty and healthy topping.

Healthy pasta!

Lentil pasta is available in the UK as follows:



Stir a can of tuna and a few capers into the cooked pasta, and you’ve got a very filling and tasty meal that will keep you going for hours.
Or knock up a batch of Puttanesca sauce (tomatoes etc) in less time than it takes the pasta to cook (10 minutes).

Chickpea wraps

Another favourite from the BSD recipe book. You MUST rest the batter. Don’t quit if your first 2 wraps turn into a mess because that’s exactly what happened to me. Maybe my pan wasn’t the correct temperature. After the first 2 duffers, the rest of the batch were PERFECT!

Duncan Hines style Chocolate cake

Orange Cake with Cacao or Cardamom

Mug cake recipes galore!