Balance Your Life

Relax and get pregnant

So often when couples are trying to get pregnant, they get stressed.

The purpose of meditation is to induce a feeling of relaxation, which will put you in a much better mental and physical state to get pregnant, and to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally, taking ovulation drugs, or using IUI these fertility and pregnancy meditation sessions will help you to relax.

The sessions combine deep relaxation with meditation techniques, which will enable you to prepare emotionally as well as physically for conception. Once deeply relaxed, the techniques and suggestions are directed at the subconscious part of the mind and take you on a journey to release any reasons which may be holding back your body from conceiving.

Benefits of attending these meditation classes:

• Release any fears and concerns related to conceiving a baby
• Prepare emotionally for conceiving a baby
• Be more in tune with your body’s cycle
• Become increasingly relaxed during ovulation
• Increase the bond with your partner
• Prepare your body physically to grow and nurture a child
• Improve your health, vitality and well being
• Be attracted to the right kinds of food, drink and exercise.

Meditation is extremely effective in helping to reduce stress and tension, which is particularly important for people living busy lives. 

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