Balance Your Life


My suggestions:

  1. Ah Hum meditation once a day for 20 minutes.
  2. Work your way through the 21 day abundance meditations. Just start a new one each day. Don’t worry about fully getting it. You will restart in 21 days. You can simply play this as you get into bed each night. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep while listening to it. Therefore, you do not need to find any time to do this.
  3. Read the Little Book of Manifesting, so you understand HOW to manifest. (A one off investment of time. It’s a quick book to read) (Kindle £2.99) 
  4. Do the Havening Technique to release any old limiting beliefs. (Do this once a week, or even less frequent than that. It takes only a few minutes.)
  5. Do the Positivity Hypnotic Trance daily. This can also be done as you get into bed, if you have no other time.

Dawn I don’t have time for all of this!!!
I say, Lara, you don’t have time NOT TO DO THIS!
Lara, you MUST make time for yourself.
The Ah Hum can be done sitting on the bus if that’s a way of finding time. You can do it eyes open. However, it would be much better to begin with to do it at home, in a comfortable place.

Lara, can you find 20 to 30 minutes for yourself TWICE A DAY?

If not, find 20 minutes once a day to do the Ah Hum meditation, and play the others when you get into bed at night, and before you get up in the morning. (Set your alarm and lay in bed doing the meditation before you get up… this way you are not disturbed by others.)

If this is too much, do one at night only. It can be the 21 days, or the Positivity. You can alternate.
If you have any questions, send me a WhatsApp message.

  • 21 Day Abundance Audio files can be found HERE

    I highly recommend you get the book
    Positivity by Paul McKenna
    For now, you can access the FREE DOWNLOADS FOR Positivity, Confidence, Resilience, Motivation by Paul McKenna VIA THIS LINK
    In case you need it, the password is Positivity123
  • 1 Apex Technique
  • 2 Borrowing from a confident role model
  • 3 Creating your future now
  • 4 Havening Technique (To clear past limiting experiences and blocks with the Havening Technique)
  • 5 Increase your luck
  • 6 Let go of your negative stories
  • 8 Power poses
  • 9 Progressive Relaxation
  • 10 The ABC list exercise
  • 11 The desperation destroyer
  • 12 The easy way to stop self sabotage (TO FIX: thinking I don’t deserve to be wealthy)
  • 13 The golden thread technique
  • 14 The gradual confidence booster
  • 15 The negative thought fast
  • 16 Your new confident internal dialogue

    I’d also recommend this book to start with…

    The Little Book of Manifestation (Kindle £2.99)