Balance Your Life


What problems do you have?
Do you need help to solve them?
Would you like to be supported?

If you’re in need of some time away from your life to refresh, recharge and put your life in order, you will benefit from a few days at a Rota Retreats beachside wellness retreat in sunny southern Spain.
Connect with the energy of the sun, the wind and the ocean on a 10 mile stretch of blue flag beach…
Aaahhhhhh… pure bliss!
Returning home with a set of tools that will enable you to create breathing space in your life…

If that’s too much time away at the moment, you will get a condensed version at a ‘Learn How to Live a Stress-Free Life‘ workshop in England.

And if you can’t get to Spain or the UK, Dawn can support you in a one-to-one session on the phone or online via Skype.

Whatever time is available to you, let Dawn help you to find the solutions you’ve been searching for!