Balance Your Life

The Mindful Body by Ellen Langer

“Mindfulness: The simple process of actively noticing things”

I was struck by the simplicity of this explanation of what mindfulness is.

I’s the exact same message that Eckhart Tolle has been teaching for many years.

It’s not about ‘zoning out’ it’s about ‘zoning in’. You could also call it curiosity. 

The book also points to the fact that our mind and our body are not 2 separate entities, but one complete being. That we have the power within our thoughts to create good health. Often simply by changing our perspective about events in our lives.

A lot of this information is not new to me as I’ve been accessing this type of information for more than 25 years. If it’s new to you, give it time to sink in. It’s actually very simple, however since most of us spend most of our time living mindlessly, it’s not always an easy concept to grasp initially.

A very powerful statement closes her introduction to her book…
“Throughout these pages, I hope to make you see that every thought we have may affect our health. Indeed, better health for all of us may be just a thought away.”

Use this link to listen to a 2 minute snippet about the contagiousness of mindfulness. Ellen Langer did a study with meditators where it was noticed that the energy of the meditators remained in the room after they had left, and it positively affected the people who entered the room afterwards.
If you are amazed by that fact, you might like to watch or listen to the entire fascinating conversation between Ellen Langer and Rich Roll.

You have the power to create good health, and the power to create the life you desire.
And that power begins with your thoughts.