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What makes a product environmentally friendly?

Preparing for the exciting new Earth Day event on 22nd April, I’ve been researching ‘eco’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ products to have for sale, and to give as prizes for the Children’s Eco Terracycle Competition.

As we’re also having a giant poster colouring activity, I thought I’d buy some eco pencils.

I had a quick browse on the internet, as one does these days, and found myself asking which were more eco… wooden pencils or recycled plastic pencils?

Unpainted wooden pencils seemed to me to be the most natural, but I couldn’t find any made from reclaimed wood, so that would then involve cutting down trees. While discarded CD cases are converted into useful objects, which uses lots of water and electricity. I also wondered what I would do with the plastic pencils shavings, and would I need special pencil sharpeners?

So I looked beyond the first page of Google, and found what I hope to be the best solution – because I bought them!

Pencils made from recycled newspapers!


I have always appreciated that making a difference sometimes takes a lot more effort… and time… and as a therapist I see that many people THINK they are lacking in time.

My mission is to help those that want to be helped by showing them that we all have the same 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week; and it is simpler than you think to FIND MORE TIME to use to good effect. Be that researching eco pencils or taking time to connect with your inner peace.

So if you’d like to support the Earth Day event, we’d really love to see you there. At the moment we’re still researching the best and most useful eco products for you to buy, but general details can be found here. As I said, it’s taking a lot of time to track down what’s REALLY good for the planet, so details are added as and when I find the businesses who have great products, and who are also available on Easter Monday. But currently the first 200 entrants will receive a free vegan snack bar donated by The Primal Pantry, and the first 160 will get a Waitrose Bag For Life, or Primal Pantry paper shopping bag.

And if you’re interested in getting back control of your life, and having more time for yourself, you would benefit from attending the workshop on Sunday 28th April. If you learn nothing (not possible!) you’ll at least have a few hours of relaxation!

Please share this post. Thank you for your support!