Balance Your Life

How to hear your soul

You have 2 inner voices.
Your Soul and your Ego.

How do you know which is which?

Your Ego is loud and unkind and worried about what others think of it. It wants to be better than everyone else. It wants to control you.

Your Soul is quiet and kind and wise. It wants you to be happy and content. It wants you to connect with other kind Souls. It wants to guide you and support you.

Your Ego is the voice telling you you’re a bad person if you don’t immediately wash the dishes.

Your Soul is a kind and wise voice. Also known as your intuition. She will guide you and give you ideas and flashes of inspiration. The aha lightbulb moments come from your Soul.

The Ego is loud and will drown out the quiet voice of your Soul. The Ego wants to silence the Soul because it knows that when you listen to your Soul it leads to the death of the Ego, and of course the Ego wants to survive.

How can you quieten the Ego so you can hear your Soul?

When we take a pause in our day with the intention of relaxing and taking a quiet moment we often hear the Ego even more loudly. This often happens when people ‘try to meditate’. When they don’t get instant Inner peace they either think they’ve failed to meditate, or that meditation doesn’t work for them.

During Mantra Meditation you’re occupying your ego by giving it a mantra to repeat.

Now the ego is quietly busy you can hear what your Soul is whispering to you.

It takes practice and repetition to be able to keep the Ego quiet but it’s worth the ‘effort’ as the pay-off is having a peaceful mind.

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